Guy And Pug Take Couply Photos

Valentine’s Day can be a difficult time of year, especially for single people.

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Jonathan Graziano is not one of those people. Why? Because this New York resident has got all the love he’ll ever need — with his charming Pug, Noodle. And to celebrate that love, Jonathan decided to take a series of couply photos with Noodle.

jon noodle kissing
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The duo shared some of their favorite shots — and a deeper look into their special relationship:

~ It was love at first sight fold ~
Jonathan knew from the day he met Noodle that he’d found The One. As he puts it, “The moment I looked into those big bug eyes, I knew that Noodle was The Pug of my Dreams.”

jon noodle waterfall 1
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~ Just a couple of cuties ~
Jonathan gushes: “I never stopped believing in real love. And that’s what I’d tell all those single shlubs out there. Don’t ever give up.”

jon noodle looking at camera
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~ Laughter is the best medicine ~
Noodle often reduces Jonathan to fits of giggles. “No one makes me laugh like Noodle,” Jonathan says. “No one.”

jon noodle tells joke
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“And he’s really good at deadpan,” Jonathan adds.

jon noodle deadpan
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~ Peekaboo! ~
The playful duo snuck in a few smooches throughout their shoot.

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~ Every moment is precious ~
A typical Saturday for the happy pair includes brunch with close friends, an afternoon stroll or matinee, and taking in many of the sights the city has to offer.

jonathan noodle looking over river
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~ All this lovin’ sure works up an appetite! ~
Jonathan and Noodle share a healthy afternoon snack.

jon noodle banana 1
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Can you say banana…split?

jon noodle banana 2
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~ Endless love ~
“We wear these rings as a symbol of our commitment,” Jonathan tells us. “And I know Noodle’s not wearing a ring right now. We lost it the other night while we were making dinner, but don’t worry — we’ve already ordered another one!”

jon noodle rings
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~ Gazing into their future ~
The couple enjoys contemplating their picturesque future. For Jonathan, it’s a long weekend in a cozy cabin upstate. For Noodle, it’s dinner. Literally any kind of dinner.

jon noodle waterfall 2
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~ True love withstands the sands of time ~
Apparently Noodle is quite the wordsmith. He often pens simple but powerful love notes for Jonathan, like this one.

jon noodle sand
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~ A fur-ever love ~
Jonathan and Noodle are thrilled to share their first Valentine’s Day together — and with everyone on the Internet, too!

jon noodle tender
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~ “Your love is lifting me higher!” ~
Jonathan admits that he and Noodle sometimes practice the “Dirty Dancing Lift” in their Upper West Side digs. “We can get pretty goofy!” he says with a chuckle.

jonathan lifting noodle
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Editor’s Note: We are required to notify our readers that lifting your Pug can cause back problems. Do not attempt to lift your Pug unless you are physically able. If you think you have sustained an injury while lifting your Pug, seek medical attention immediately.

So here’s to the happy couple and all of the happy couples celebrating their love on this happy holiday for happy people.

After all, as long as you have love, life is a walk in the park!

jon noodle central park

As long as you have love.